An Australian narrative on multiple themes

My long-time co-author Anis Chowdhury – a former Economics Professor and a former senior UN official – has made a number of thoughtful contributions in the Huffington Post on multiple themes that pertain to Australia. The issues he covers transcend the specific Australian context and are germane to many countries in both the developed and developing world.


  1. “Achieving A Surplus Is Not As Important As Investing In Australia’s Future”, 20 March 2017,

  2. “Young People Can Only Get A ‘Highly Paid Job’ If The Government Fixes The Economy”, 14 March 2017,

  3. “Cutting Penalty Rates Will Defeat The PM’s Vision For Australia” 27 February, 2017,

  4. “Public Policy Must Not Be Held Hostage By Ratings Agencies”, 22 February, 2017,

  5. “Tax Cuts Aren’t Going To Grow Our Economy”, 4 January 2017,

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