An unlikely Asian success story? Revisiting the Bangladesh paradox of bad governance and good development outcomes

Once derided as an ‘international basket case’ following its emergence as an
independent nation in 1971 after a bitter war of liberation with Pakistan,
Bangladesh is now lauded as a development success story. How can one explain this unanticipated transformation?

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Guarding against growth fetishism: The case of India

India is justifiably proud of acquiring the mantle of the ‘fastest growing economy in the world’. There is the risk, however, of succumbing to ‘growth fetishism’. ‘Official India’ seems to subscribe to the view that the country can – and must – continue to grow at 7 to 8 percent per annum for decades and even aspire to double-digit growth. This uncritical acceptance of a growth target belies the dissident views of formidable critics who argue the case for a secular growth slow-down as extrapolated from well-known empirical regularities. There are sound reasons to temper the case of endless and rapid growth.

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