The World Bank’s deceptive deregulation agenda

Through its annual Doing Business Report the World Bank always seeks new angles to justify its promotion of reduced regulation on business. A closer look at the 2017 report, subtitled: ‘Equal Opportunity for All’, reveals its deceptions and naked ideological bias. – See more at:

Public-Private Partnerships – Not a Silver Bullet

PUBLIC-PRIVATE partnerships are being promoted as a key instrument to fill the huge financial gap in infrastructure investment. But majority of the researchers found that claims in favour of PPPs are not backed up by evidence.

Public-private partnerships: hype vs reality

“Doing Business”: dubious ranking & harmful “beauty contest”

The World Bank has recently published its much “adorned” and criticised “Doing Business Report 2017”. Bangladesh is ranked behind all South Asian countries, despite doing much better than its peers in social development. It also slippled a few rungs. Should our heart be aching? You may want to follow the link below:

Should we worry about ‘Doing Business’ ranking?

The World Bank and Bangladesh

The souring of relationship between the World Bank and Bangladesh over Bangladesh’s signature infrastructure project, “Padma Bridge” connecting the North and South of the country has been well publicised. It was no good for the Bank as it now faces steep competition from other lenders; so it is coming with sweetners. Here is my op-ed on its recent move.